Making an icon new


Since the distinctive oval logo first debuted, the mark has remained virtually untouched: enduring wars, economic upheaval, and decades of technological transformation. Now, as we prepare to launch a “new” DuPont for a new age, the time to renew and advance the logo has come.


Today’s DuPont mark features a simplified name that unites the two-word Du Pont. The type design expresses a bold, modern posture. Perhaps most significantly, replacing the outline with a suggestion of an oval signals a collaborative and open flow of ideas and innovation.

An enduring mark of quality and trust

“If, as I hope, it earns a reputation greater than that of others, and if it makes a name—that name should be mine.” 

--E.I. du Pont, 1804 in a letter to a partner who wished to change the name of the company*

Logo Time Line Logo Time Line

* From “E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. – A History,” by Mrs. B. G. du Pont