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We’re not simply declaring ourselves a new DuPont. In every dimension of our business, we are elevating our commitments and reinventing the ways in which we shape the world. From new kinds of nourishment for the world’s infants, to new technologies that enable life-giving medical care, we are the makers of new. This is how, together with our partners, we will foster sustainable progress for generations to come.

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Making an icon new

The DuPont oval is one of the oldest and iconic corporate marks in contemporary culture. 


Since the distinctive oval logo first debuted, the mark has remained virtually untouched: enduring wars, economic upheaval, and decades of technological transformation. Now, as we prepare to launch a “new” DuPont for a new age, the time to renew and advance the logo has come.


Today’s DuPont mark features a simplified name that unites the two-word Du Pont. The type design expresses a bold, modern posture. Perhaps most significantly, replacing the outline with a suggestion of an oval signals a collaborative and open flow of ideas and innovation.


October 03, 2018

DuPont Sets the Stage for a Future That is Wide Open

Launches New Brand Identity to Position New Company